Meet The AVCRM Team

The passionate aviators behind the products!

Jonathan King

Director/Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan is the CEO and Co-Founder of AVCRM.

His previous roles include Chief Pilot of both fixed wing flight operations and RPAS organisations, Airport Management and National Operations Management.

Jonathan’s career has encapsulated high end aerial survey from aircraft through to innovative uses of RPAS in large enterprise and federal government agencies.

He is also a board member of the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS) and Chair of the Membership Committee.

As a Commercial and Instrument Rated Pilot, Jonathan has developed insights into the compliance heavy world of aviation from the ground up which brings a diverse knowledgeset to the group.

Jonathan’s critical thinking around streamlining and creating efficiencies in complex process flows is well displayed in the suite of aviation compliance and risk management software solutions that AVCRM has to offer.

Chris Clark


With 12 years experience, Chris has established himself as a leading industry professional across all GA sectors.

Starting as a ground handler at Sydney Aerobatic School, Chris trained up to the position of Grade 2 Flight Instructor, aerobatic training. He flew aerobatic adventure flights in a sponsored Extra 200 and Pitts Special for several years.

In 2010 Chris established his own adventure flight business, Southern Biplane Adventures, at Wollongong, NSW. In under 5 years he has developed this business into the premier adventure flight company in the region with its own major sponsor.

Five Point Aviation, Advanced Flight School opened in July 2014 as the training department of Southern Biplanes. Already the flight school has engaged numerous students in a wide range of training.

Chris holds Surface Level and Formation Aerobatics Endorsements, Multi-engine Endorsement, a number of Training Approvals. Chris is now a Grade 1 Instructor and sponsored display pilot.

As Managing Director/Chief Pilot of Southern Biplanes and Five Point Aviation, Chris has developed a keen understanding of industry best practice and the requirements to safely and efficiently carry them out. His interaction with stakeholders across the aviation industry has given him insight into the broad range of issues important to the operation and management of airports and aircraft Australia wide.

James Norman

Director/Chief Technology Officer

James has over 20 years of experience working in the IT industry and is an Airline Pilot for one of Australia's largest regional airlines.

Combining his passion for both industries, James brings a wealth of experience and expertise to help drive the technologies behind all of AVCRMs products to the next level.

James has worked for numerous small to large IT startups after having completed a Computer Science Degree in 2000. He has performed in numerous roles ranging from Web Developer, Network Administrator and Project Manager. He has a strong passion for web programming and researching new technologies.

A large amount of James' flying experience was gained from working as a Grade 1 Flying Instructor for a flying school based on the mid north coast of NSW. During his time there James helped develop an in-house software solution to assist the school manage their day to day operations. With his extensive experience he is able to bring an indepth knowledege to AVCRM and help ensure that the right technologies fit with the specific requirements of the aviation industry.

James Fraticelli


James has been involved in the aviation industry for over a decade. He has worked in all facets of the industry. James gained valuable flying experience all over Australia in the GA sector. Flying skydivers, charter, freight, scenics, aerial photography and survey. James’ experience isn’t limited to just flying, he also has vast experience as a Safety Manager, DAMP supervisor and Operations Manager.

Over the past few years James moved away from flying, to work as an Aerodrome Manager of Australia’s largest Fly In Fly Out airport in remote WA. During this time, he gained excellent working knowledge of Aerodrome operations, airline operations and the unique needs of the resources sector. He has also provided mentoring, consulting and relief work at other large regional aerodromes.

James’ speciality is safety and operational management. He has provided assistance to many flying companies to help gain their initial AOC, as well as assisting Aerodromes transit from Registered to Certified and upgrading compliance manuals to cater for larger aircraft types.

He currently works for an industry leading aerial survey company as their Manager of Operations.