Aerodrome Manager New Zealand

No matter whether you are a non-certified or a full CAA Part 139 airport you can now manage aerodrome operations with this user-friendly application. Our advanced reporting, work management and documentation storage will improve day to day efficiency and allow you to stay ahead of work orders and inspections. Our integrated Safety Management, Wildlife Management and Auditing systems make AVCRM industry best practice for aerodrome compliance management.

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Inspection Manager

Customisable inspection checklists with Geo-tagging

Advanced Reporting

Instantly create customisable reports on all aspects of your Aerodrome operations

Safety Management

Manage hazard identification, accident reports and Drug and Alcohol Management Plans.

Document Management

Keep track of current and previous manuals and docs

Booking Scheduler

Plan work and organise your resources in seconds

Airside Manager

Manage parking area inspections and VIC Passes

Wildlife Manager

Actively monitor wildlife activity around the aerodrome

Inventory Management

Track equipment, RWY lighting globes and spare parts inventory. Be notified when supplies are low.



Inspection Manager

Create as many inspection types as you like with the fully customisable inspection manager. This module links with the work and issue managers so you can track airport defects through the work cycle from identification to remediation. Schedule repetitive inspections in advance and allow staff to maintain an overview of upcoming tasks.

Advanced Reporting

Use AVCRMs customizable templates to carry out CAA required inspections on any mobile device in online or offline mode for remote area operations. The ability to record photographic evidence of an unserviceability or maintenance item and attach comments improves communication between operations staff, airport managers and CEOs. Action these reports and instantly create a booking in the scheduler to complete the task.

Safety Management System

The SMS module offers aerodromes the ability to manage all of their safety needs in the single location. This module has been designed to link with the aerodrome inspection form section so that when an unserviceability is found in an inspection, which maybe hazardous, or an item which caused an incident/accident is found, they are effectively managed through the SMS.

Once an incident or hazard form has been filed, it will automatically email the nominated parties with the report, drastically improving post incident communications. AVCRM’s SMS module will also integrate the hazard form into your next SMS meeting agenda, ensuring your aerodrome addresses the safety issues and then manages it accordingly. In addition to SMS reporting, the SMS module also offers the ability to easily maintain a risk register for your aerodrome.

Document Management

Ability to provide a document library for important documents – Aerodrome Manuals, Policies, CAA regulations, flight statistics, flight and safety information, ERPs, Safety Management Systems (SMSs) etc. This is a key feature when considering the document control requirements of part 139.

Booking Scheduler

The intuative booking calendar allows you to plan work and organise your resources in a matter of seconds. Never miss another inspection or work order again. Schedule repetative inspections in advance and allow staff to maintain an overview of upcoming tasks.

Airside Manager

Available in the Premium and Platinum editions, the Airside Manager has been designed specifically for aerodrome operations staff to manage airside tasks. Perform daily parking inspections and instantly generate invoices to the aircraft owners. Manage and generate Visitor passes while airside.

Wildlife Manager

Available in the Platinum edition, the Wildlife Manager allows you to actively monitor wildlife activity around the aerodrome. Track the patterns of species and build graphic reports on the impact of wildlife on your operation utilizing geo tags. Using this system will allow you to input your wildlife countermeasures data and quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of specific campaigns.


AVCRM Aerodromes "Premium" subscribers can manage and track inventory such as portable lighting, equipment, fuel, RWY lighting globes, etc. The inventory manager will let you know when an item is running low or approaching its expiry date and automatically generate a purchase order so that you can reorder in a timely manner.


The ability to keep up to date staff profiles and communicate updates, notifications, news and training internally. Automated alerts will notify management and staff of upcoming expiry of qualifications ensuring no one is ever out of date. View individual staff work progress and delegate duties as required through the scheduler.

Packages start from just $250NZD/month