Aerodrome Manager Packages

Applications in the Aviation sector range considerably depending on the level of technical complexity, design brief, additional features and security required.

AVCRM’s goal is to provide world class solutions at sustainable prices. Our pricing structure is broken into two core levels with the additional ability for customers to customise their product by selecting only features they require.

Find a package that suits your operational requirement and get started today with instant setup!

AVCRM offers secure payment options and on completion of your order you will receive your setup information via email. We pride ourselves on security and privacy so rest assured that your information is safe with us.

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Included Features

Feature Standard (5 users) Premium (10 users) Platinum (15 users)
Client Support System
Setup Wizard
Setup Controller
Customisable User Roles and Privileges
Customisable Overview Dashboard
Multiple Aerodrome Control
Aerodrome Overview map
Customisable inspection forms
  • Auto link with NOTAM generator and work calendar.
  • Auto link with SMS module if added on or Premium is purchased.
Aerodrome Issue Manager
Job Manager
  • Manage work at your Aerodrome
  • Create Jobs
  • Add running commentary
  • Auto link into inventory
  • Auto link into the Aerodrome Issue Manager
Actionable reporting & task booking with user allocation
Booking Calendar & Scheduler
NAIPS integration with weather viewing
Weather overview map
NOTAM generator system and manager
Document control library system with document sign-off sheets
CASA Regulation Library
Airside Manager
  • Aircraft Register
  • Airside parking manager
  • Setup Aerodrome parking zones
  • Setup aircraft parking charges dependent on MTOW and zone
  • Automatically gathers aircraft owner/operator information
  • Auto generation of Parking charges
Inventory management system
Staff qualification manager
VIC Pass generator
Drug & Alcohol Management Plans
  • SSAA drug test records
  • Education Training Records
  • DAMP Report search functionality
Safety Management System (SMS Plus)
  • Create SMS Reports
  • Manage SMS Reports
  • Summary of SMS reports with intuitive overview of operational safety with report PDF and email capabilities
  • ATSB Reporting
  • Custom Setup controls:
    • SMS Email Template
    • Risk Analysis Matrix
    • SMS Types
    • SMS Areas
    • SMS Event Contributors
    • SMS Risk Likelihoods
    • SMS Risk Consequences
    • SMS Risk Treatment Strategies
Advanced Safety Management System
  • Create SMS Meetings with Agenda Items and time allocations
  • Invite and invite edit capabilities
  • Manage and assign items to staff with a date of completion
  • Add running commentary
  • Add items from meeting to the Risk Register
  • Auto Links to Aerodrome Issue Manager
Advanced Wildlife Management
  • Wildlife Overview map showing all issues at the Aerodrome
  • Create custom Wildlife Zones
  • Create Wildlife Habitats on and off the Aerodrome
  • Species Management
  • Countermeasures Management
  • Wildlife SMS Reporting
  • Wildlife Observations
  • Wildlife Observation linkage to Inspections
  • Advanced Wildlife Risk Analysis and Report Builder
Operational Overview system
  • Operational Diary Entries
  • Operational Log:
    • Create Operational Reports for any date range showing you a complete operational summary of what happened during the period selected
    • Create Operation PDF Reports with emailing capabilities
Operational Hot Keys
  • Create Operational Diary entries at any time without having to navigate anywhere.
  • Create Wildlife Observations without having to navigate anywhere.
Included Users
Additional users can be purchased during the ordering stage or anytime during your subscription.
5 users 10 users 15 users

Choose your package


The Standard version is a great way to get started and stay compliant for small aerodromes.

Includes 5 Users

$ 250
per month

$2500 per year (save $500)
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The Premium version of AVCRM Aerodromes is incredibly feature rich and allows out of the box compliance.

Includes 10 Users

$ 500
per month

$5000 per year (save $1000)
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The Platinum version of AVCRM Aerodromes is the ultimate in airport management.

Includes 15 Users

$ 700
per month

$7000 per year (save $1400)
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