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Creating and Managing Support Tickets in the Client Area

Support tickets are our preferred way of communicating when you are looking for support, such as having questions answered, reporting problems, or asking for assistance. The ticket system leaves a paper trail for both you and AVCRM to follow so that we both know that the issues were resolved. It also gives you a record of the answer, in case the problem arises again.


  • Login to the Client Area at https://avcrm.net/clientarea 
  • Select Support from the menubar and then 'Open Ticket'.
  • Select the appropriate department and complete the required fields
  • Submit your support ticket and one of our friendly support staff will respond shortly.

To manage an already submitted ticket, click on the Support tab and then 'Ticket'. You will see any tickets listed that you have submitted, along with their status. If the ticket is open, and you wish to add more to it, click on the Subject to open it. You can scroll down and add more details. You may also mark the ticket closed.

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