RPA Manager Australia

As a commercial RPAS operator in Australia the compliance process can be onerous and confusing. Managing large fleets of aircraft and pilots across multiple locations is made easier and safer using AVCRM RPA Manager. No matter whether you are in the office or the field you have access on any device at your fingertips.

Ensure mission success with intuitive job planning and integrated safety and risk management systems as well as integration with Air Services Australia for smart airspace awareness and planning.

No matter if you are just starting out as an owner/operator or a national government agency the AVCRM RPA manager’s user customisable system will efficiently manage all of your CASA compliance, operational planning and record keeping needs.

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RPA Manager responsive devices screenshot - Tablet, Phone, Desktop

JSA & Job Manager

Customisable job creation and approval with integrated airspace maps

Airspace Calculator

Integrated airspace maps automatically identify fly/no-fly zones

Pilot & RPA Logbooks

Keep track of controller and RPA total time in service logs

Maintenance Manager

Manage all RPAS Maintenance and defects tracking requirements

Battery Management

Track battery usage, cycles and health. Be notified when batteries need maintenance.

Flight Sync

Automatically Sync flight and telemetry data from your DJI account and create custom reporting and notifications.

Qualifications & Training

Manage all staff qualifications, inductions and assessments on any device.

Safety Management

Manage hazard identification, accident reports and Drug and Alcohol Management Plans.


Job and JSA Management

Job Manager

This module allows you to manage all aspects of flight operations from pre-flight preparation to mission execution and post flight actions. User customisable job safety analysis, pre and post flight checklists as well as integrated SMS and Defect reporting are all part of the Job Manager’s features allowing a single place workflow for RPAS pilots and senior base and chief remote pilots alike. This ensures that risk mitigation processes are in place that put the regulator and organisational management at ease.

Airspace calculator

Our Smart Airspace Calculator intuitively displays relevant fly/no fly zones, radio frequencies, National Parks, high tension powerlines, controlled airspace, advisories and much more. You can also upload your own data layers to show other geographical data that is relevant to your mission. This feature is critical in not only ensuring your CASR Part 101 obligations are being met with regard to airspace approval and planning but also that you are situationally aware at each stage of an operation.

RPAS specific airspace map

Flight Sync

A powerful AVCRM tool, the Flight Sync feature allows operators to link their DJI cloud account with their AVCRM application. This module allows flight telemetry and data to be used and tracked with user customisable reporting rulesets and flight data analytics including spee, battery health, total velocity, vertical speed and much more. A Chief Pilot can set up automotive notification when flight data exceeds any parameter he or she wishes to be alerted for. This is a powerful audit function for post incident investigation as well as preventative measures to manage and improve safety in flight operations. Flight Sync streamlines flight records and maintenance tracking by automatically assigning records from the aircraft data in the various modules within AVCRM.


Maintaining and managing pilot and aircraft logbooks has never been easier. AVCRM integrates logbook recording with our job manager to ensure that there is minimal entry points to logbooks making that data less likely to be forgotten or entered in error. Our Flight Sync module also talks to our pilot logbook feature, automatically using aircraft data to provide flight times.

Defect management and trackin

Maintenance Manager

AVCRM has build a fully customisable maintenance manager that not only allows to you report defects as part of your operational workflow but includes customisable service packs, scheduled maintenance planning and warnings. Our one-stop-shop approach has lead us to smart booking management where aircraft due for maintenance can not be booked for planned mission until that maintenance has been completed. This improves operational risk through administrative errors.

The maintenance manager automatically updates Total Time In Service logs from job and flight sync data reducing the risk of human error and improving data reliability when you need it.

Battery Management

Monitor and manage the status of your batteries. Track usage, cycles and overall health. With advanced reporting and serviceability tracking you will be sure that your batteries are up to the task and receive the maintenance they require. Built in and customisable alerting allows you to determine when a battery requires discharging or retiring.

Part tracking inventory manager


Monitor stock levels of expendable equipment and minimize wastage by using the AVCRM inventory manager. Track part numbers, chemical/fuel usage amounts, expiry dates of items and much more. The inventory manager will let you know when an item is running low and automatically generate a purchase order so that you can reorder in a timely manner. With battery cycle tracking linked to each job you can instantly see the health and status of batteries.


The AVCRM ICAO standard Safety Management System module offers all operators the ability to manage all of their safety needs in the single location. This feature has been designed to link with the Job Creation/JSA form so that when an issue occurs during operations, which maybe hazardous, or an issue which caused an incident/accident, they are effectively managed through the SMS. Standardised company risk assessments can be created and applied to the mission planning stage in our Job Manager as added operational risk management.

Once an incident or hazard form has been filled, then SMS module will automatically email the nominated parties with the report, significantly improving post incident communications. In addition to reporting and incident management, the SMS module also offers the ability to easily maintain a risk register for your operations as week as managing safety meeting agendas, minutes and records.

Advanced Safety Reporting
Staff qualification manager

Qualifications and Training

Keep track of staff qualification and set warnings to avoid unqualified operations. This can also connect to the Job Manager which can be configured to block a team member who has expired qualifications from being assigned to a mission. Our training and assessments feature allows you to build custom training and assessment syllabi for any aspect of your operation.

Document Management

Ability to provide a document library for important documents – CASR Part 101 regulations, flight statistics, flight and safety information, ERPs, Safety Management Systems (SMSs) etc. Individual documents and document categories can be configured to require electronic sign-off and acceptance by appropriate user groups. Track and version control individual amendments to maintain regulatory compliance.

Complete document manager
Booking manager and work calendar

Booking Scheduler

I1, C2

The intuitive booking calendar allows you to plan work and organise your resources in a matter of seconds. Never double book an aircraft or pilot again. Schedule repetitive inspections in advance and allow staff to maintain an overview of upcoming tasks.

Processed from Job Creation Manager, NOTAMs and maintenance to meetings and events, everything happening in the operation can be scheduled through the work calendar. All upcoming events are displayed on the dashboard screen, and staff specific notifications sent accordingly, ensuring important events, jobs and meetings are not forgotten or overlooked. Organising work schedules in one central location gives greater operational control and awareness.

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